Who We Are

Family in CarWe’ve done this before!

Our team includes the core members of the team that built leading ambulance deployment software in use nationwide today. We are made of up of experienced entrepreneurs who have successfully launched creative and forward-looking software projects before with a wide range of expertise.

We are passionate and evangelical about making the world a better place for everyone!

The Tribal Rides Leadership team has extensive and successful software design and development expertise in fleet management, logistical, and optimization technologies, having developed and proven patented “optimization” technology for the largest, most advanced forces of the US Army, Navy, USAF and Marines as well as the National Science Foundation.

To say you're in good hands with the team behind Tribal Rides would be an understatement. We are excited to help create a better world through our unique perspective, passion and understanding of the field. 

The Social Aspect

Group Riding in CarOur user app and connecting to a social network will let users “talk” to their cars and coordinate rides with their friends and families, as well as schedule ride shares. A huge part of Tribal Rides is the community building and support.

A lot of criticism of social networking is derived from the fact that it takes away from face-to-face connections. With Tribal Rides, we are taking social networking offline. The current model plans on utilizing existing networks of friends and family that can be uploaded directly from social media accounts, or can be created through neighbors and co-workers - people who you may not have an online relationship with.

Users are no longer burdened with small talk with strangers or with feeling unsafe. They can now use travel time to strengthen existing relationships and see people who they don't ordinarily see. 

Job Openings

Looking for a new career opportunity? Interested in innovating the self-driving car market with us? We are currently looking to expand the Tribal Rides team. To apply, please send your resume to info@tribalrides.us. Below is a list of open positions.

  • Business Development Manager
  • AR/AP Accounting Specialist
  • Office Assistant

Investors Wanted

We're looking for others who share our vision of a safer and more efficient road transportation system. Connect with us to consider partnership opportunities.