Go-Topia™ and the Blockchain

Tribal Rides is just one node on the network of our mobility ecosystem.  Car manufacturers, shared-ride applications, drones, trains, planes, and even bikes can be part of this overall mobility network.  The “blood” that flows through each of these nodes and that which helps reduce the overall costs is the GoTopia Token: Go.GoToken

The Go Token is planned to be in all day-to-day transactions and is not designed to be an investment vehicle. GoTopia will help lower the middleman fees from rideshare transactions to deliver the cheapest possible rideshare network to users.

The network token, Go, may be used in transactions between Riders and Drivers and/or Riders and Owners to post transactions to the blockchain. 

To ensure that high usability is met, Tribal Rides hopes to ensure that end-user interfaces will primarily rely on the local market currency rather than Go tokens. Go tokens will remain a behind-the-scenes advantage, and currency conversion may occur automatically to ensure that end users can pay using the currency they prefer.

Tribal Rides Model
Social Network Diagram
GoTopia Diagram
GoTopia Token
GoTopia Model